Monday, October 6, 2008

SHREW -- ACT III Journal

Finish reading Act III. Write at least 250 words in reponse to it. Feel free to ask questions -- Shakespeare isn't particularly easy to understand, so let us know what you're having trouble understanding. Also, feel free to answer any of the questions below in your entry.
Scene 1
1. What is Bianca's response to Lucentio's (Cambio's) and Hortensio's (Litlo's) argument over who will tutor Bianca first? (lines 16-22) What does this reveal about her character?
2. What is Lucentio's translation of his lesson? (lines 31-36) What is Bianca's translation of the same passage? (lines 40-43)

Scene 2
1. Why does Kate weep (line 26)? What aspect of her character does this reveal?
2. How is Petruchio dressed for his wedding (lines 43-64)? Give at least 4 specific details. What is the reaction of Baptista? (use quotes)
3. How does Petruchio respond when asked to change his clothes? (lines 112-123)
4. What do you learn of Lucentio's plan to marry Bianca in lines 128-148?
5. How does Petruchio behave during the wedding ceremony? (lines 158-183)
6. How does Petruchio leave the wedding feast? What reason does he give in line 229?

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